Responsible Manufacturing

At Peru Pima, we have long been committed to the environmental and social impact of our manufacturing processes and business activities. We are fully devoted to the improvement of our manufacturing so that future generations can enjoy a healthy planet.

  • All workers receive a fair compensation and are employed in the company's payroll while receiving social and legal benefits such as health insurance, bi-yearly bonus, 30-day paid vacation annually, 90-day maternal paid leave, and more.
  • Our offices and manufacturing facilities follow the most rigorous safety standards and requirements in order to provide healthy working conditions to all workers involved. 
  • We fully comply with our strict guidelines for recycling and waste management of solids and liquids in our manufacturing processes.

These obligations are strictly enforced by unannounced auditing visits to our production facilities.

Furthermore, we design and manufacture our products to be as durable as possible. This means that they will last longer than products of less quality after they have failed and end up in landfills.