Our Sheets

The Myths About Thread Count

We have been trained to believe that the higher the thread count, the higher the quality and, consequently, the price. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. A higher thread count will not make a fabric softer, more breathable, or more durable, all qualities that we want in our bedding. 

So, what is thread count? It's the number of threads that are woven in a square inch in a given fabric. There is no magic number of thread count for the perfect sheets as it all comes down to personal preferences. Different levels of softness, breathability and durability are generated by the combination of the fiber used to craft the yarn, the type of weave to construct the fabric, and the thread count.

The possibilities to create the perfect sheets are endless. After numerous blind-test experiments and countless hours of sleeping in different sheets, we have selected the best ones yet. The fabrics we manufacture are the softest, most comfortable, and will last for years.


Percale or Sateen?

Percale and sateen are types of weave that a fabric is constructed with. They have an enormous impact on how the sheets feel against your skin, so we recommend learning these two before making the right purchase according to your 

Percale sheets have a plain "one-thread-under and one-thread-over" weave that creates a matte finish and a crisp hand, yet are incredibly soft. Naturally lightweight and more breathable than other weaves, percale sheets are perfect for summer nights and hot sleepers.

Sateen sheets have a "one-thread-under and three-threads-over" weave that produce a creamy soft hand with a slight luminous sheen and are lightly wrinkle resistant. Although they are heavier than percale, they are the perfect luxurious sheets year round and easier on sensitive skin.


Mindful Consumption

We encourage everyone to invest in fewer products of higher quality that will last longer and increase your well-being and mental health. Our job is to create those products in the most responsible way while constantly improving our use of materials and production processes for the benefit of our planet and future generations.