About Us

Hi, my name is Daniel Varon, founder and CEO of Peru Pima. I started this company with the mission of solving the need for better sleep. After years of commitment, team effort, and innovation, we now supply high quality bed and bath linens to the best hotels, retailers, and other businesses in the South American region.

Considering our community, our environment and our customers, we have launched this direct-to-consumer brand to sell our top quality products, avoiding traditional high markups by middlemen. 

Currently, Peru Pima is a family-owned business that proudly employs over 280 people. Through our responsible manufacturing practices, we are committed to reduce our impact on our planet for the benefit of future generations.

Sleep beautifully!

Daniel Varon
Founder & CEO 


What We Do: Quality. We sell high quality bedding made of Peruvian Pima cotton due to its exceptional quality.

How We Do It: Responsibly. We manufacture our products through responsible practices in our own factory to ensure the best possible items at excellent prices.

Why We Do It: You. We believe everyone should be able to sleep at their best. In the challenging and extremely competitive world that we live, sleep is key for a healthy life. You deserve your best sleep.